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Combined Heat and Power

A co-generative thermal energy and electrical solution maximising energy efficiency for facilities with high heating and cooling demands from the public and private sector.

CHP systems utilise a single source of energy to produce an integrated system combining electricity production and heat recovery to provide a cost-effective solution that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% compared to traditional boiler systems, whilst reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Clients can integrate these solutions for singular property upgrades as well as part of a wider district heat network in generating renewable energy supply for multiple buildings.


Defining project goals, limitations, and expectations through collaborative efforts among key stakeholders. During this stage, a detailed project brief is developed by understanding and assimilating client needs and conducting initial option appraisals and assessments, which collectively guides design and planning phases.


Thorough evaluation of a project’s viability by exploring various aspects such as legal, economic, technology, construction, measurement, verification and programming. Easy Heat Systems conduct a range of studies to assess the practicality and potential challenges of a proposed initiative, ensuring that the project can be delivered effectively within the identified constraints and contexts.


The initial formation of a project's design concepts and strategies. At this stage, preliminary design ideas are developed, visualising the fundamental architectural forms and spatial relationships. This phase involves crafting schematic mechanical and engineering designs, exploring potential materials, engaging in initial discussions about structural and building systems. This pre-construction work ensures alignment with the project brief and regulatory compliance.


The meticulous preparation of the financial aspects of a project to unlock investment and funding. Easy Heat Systems offer a robust financial model and detailed analysis, providing clear visibility into the project’s viability, risks, and returns. Thorough evaluations of costs, benefits, and economic impacts, along with strategic alignment and compliance with regulatory requirements, are presented to substantiate the investment proposition.


Solidifying all design aspects of the project, involving the thorough refinement of design solutions, detailed drawings, and technical specifications. This phase ensures that the design adheres to all relevant regulations and standards. Moreover, it is pivotal for preparing and submitting planning and building warrant applications, securing legal and regulatory approval to progress to the construction stage, thereby aligning the project with statutory and client requirements.


The tangible execution of the project, turning design documents into physical structures, it encompasses procuring materials, employing labour, and coordinating with various trades and specialists. Work is conducted according to the detailed design, ensuring quality, safety, and compliance with all relevant codes and regulations. Furthermore, installations of systems and components are meticulously carried out, adhering to specifications to assure functionality and reliability.


All systems and components of a building or plant are tested and verified to ensure they function according to the design intentions and the client's operational requirements. It involves validating and optimising the performance of all systems, identifying and rectifying issues, and ensuring that the operators and administrators are adequately trained, ensuring that the project meets regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.


The ongoing management and upkeep of a system, building or facility, ensuring its systems and components perform efficiently and sustainably throughout its lifecycle. This phase involves implementing strategies for the day-to-day running, regular monitoring, timely maintenance, and potential upgrades or renovations, ensuring the infrastructure consistently meets user needs, regulatory requirements, sustains asset value, and can be adapted to future changes in contexts and technologies.


Ensuring that the delivered project exceeds client and end-user expectations and adheres to contractual, legal, and ethical obligations. This phase emphasises implementing feedback and providing requisite training to ensure a smooth handover and transition. Additionally, it involves monitoring and managing warranties, guarantees, and post-occupancy evaluations, aligning ongoing use and any adaptations with the client's evolving needs and expectations.


Ongoing analysis and assessment of a project’s performance throughout its lifecycle. This includes pre-work measurement, consisting of continuously measuring, monitoring, and verifying the functionality, sustainability, and efficiency of systems and components against predefined benchmarks and objectives. This ensures sustained performance, compliance with standards, and provides data for informed decision-making regarding potential upgrades, refurbishments, or repurposing in the future, aligning prolonged use with evolving needs and technologies.

Public Sector

Specialising in the installation of CHP systems for public sector clients, our senior management and delivery teams have extensive experience working with housing providers and their tenants to deliver bespoke, complex CHP systems to suit their individual needs.

Easy Heat Systems have installed multiple high profile CHP systems across the UK, as standalone power sources or as part of a District Heat Network to support larger heating and cooling requirements for public sector clients.


CHP is the most effective energy efficiency technology to reduce energy costs for commercial and industrial clients with high heating and cooling demands.

Easy Heat Systems apply a collaborative approach to commercial contracts, working with key stakeholders to design and construct CHP systems that are adapted to the individual goals of our clients.

Co-generation through the installation of a CHP system offer clients energy cost savings of up to 40 percent, and a payback on investment of as little as 2-3 years.


Easy Heat Systems provide an all-encompassing series of solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients across the commercial,

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Industry specialists in delivering considerable renewable, electrical, and mechanical contracts developing exclusive, tailored solutions to produce low carbon properties across

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Easy Heat Systems specialise in comprehensive energy efficiency contracts for clients across the public sector, commercial, and private residential.

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